If You Try

If You Try

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Be a Trendsetter

To be a trendsetter rather that just a trend follower, you must be willing to be laughed at and seen as "uncool" initially. You even have to have enough confidence in who you are and what you are doing to survive the often lonely terrain of breaking new ground. Every revolutionary idea (along with the visionary) are highly criticized and ridiculed. This is a good thing! It means that you are creating waves and upsetting the status quo. I should caution you though, being a trendsetter is not easy. You will experience very high emotional "highs" and very low emotional "lows." Everyone cannot stomach or function well under these conditions. Therefore, always have something in your life that ancors you when emotions carry you out into deep waters that you have never been in before. Eventually you'll learn how to swim in them and actaully come to enjoy the thrill!

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