If You Try

If You Try

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flexible In Approach, Firm in Intent

A tree trunk that is too rigid will break if enough pressure is applied to it. Conversely, a tree trunk that is too limber will never stand straight. Balance in both areas is needed in order to stay relevant and deliver maximum impact. A leader's intent is his/her purpose,values, character, and other non-negotiables. Their approach is their methods, mediums, and style of delivery when conveying their intentions. These should and must change. The more you learn who you are, the more you will find yourself becoming more flexible in approach while your intent solidifies like concrete.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Reflection Of The Past Is Necessary For Future Progress

"Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all of this." -Apostle Paul

I've been on a real history binge as of late. In my study, I have been looking at the lives of influential historical figures, societies, cultures, empires, and people groups. You've probably heard the saying that history repeats itself and also the saying, there is nothing new under the sun. Each individual has access to crucial information that can help them in their journey through life. External sources of this information is great, but many times we fail to see the rich database of our own experience. Its almost automatic to go through life these days without coming up for air to see how far you have personally come. The older I get, I am learning the importance of taking a pause and making conscious effort to think about what has transpired in my life so far. What have been my successes, failures, greatest moments of joy, darkest periods, how I have changed, what has remained the same, what needs to be updated, and what needs to be discarded. These are just a few of the many critical questions one must answer in order to keep progressing accurately, lest we get trapped on the proverbial "hampster wheel" of unconscious existence. I find that inner reflection helps me stay true to who I am, my values, and provides a quiet strength that helps me brave the mercurial terrain of my present moment and future. In short, REFLECT MORE OFTEN.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crossing New Thresholds of Potential

You will know that you have crossed a new threshold in realizing your full God given potential when you stop needing to be inspired before you begin work and are able to work until you are inspired. Inspiration is like the emotion of love, it requires effort on your part to keep it alive. It has its ebbs and flows. Sometimes you don't have to work very hard for it to come to you, other times you have to will yourself to trudge forward until you find it again. The bright side to this is that the habit of working without needing to be externally inspired is building your most precious character. And then the times when you are blessed enough to have external inspiration and internal inspiration simultaneously will shoot you into the stratosphere. Keep moving.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Challenge of Producing a Good Crop Out Of Your Life

A farmer will tell you that raising crops is difficult business. There are good seasons and bad ones. You have to plant the right seed in the right soil and that soil has to be prepared before the seed is planted. You and I are much like soil with hundreds (maybe thousands) of seeds of potential within us. Sometimes our soil is subjected to harsh conditions either brought on by self or just from being alive. It takes determination, wisdom, and hardcore faith to realize the potential within us. We have to be vigilant when it comes to caring for these precious seeds of potential because they have the power to unlock levels within ourselves that we don't even know are possible. Strong intimacy with God unlocks the deep potential within us, thus producing a crop that will make a powerful difference in the lives we have the opportunity to touch.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How Desire Is Intelligently Used To Catapult Us

Some new information hit me like a ton of bricks regarding how desire is used as a catapult for those who posses it. Any great thing that has been done, by anyone, anywhere is because someone had a desire to see it done. Desire is the fuel that is needed to accomplish anything of true significance. Why is that? Because the conflict of life has so many unexpected setbacks, changes, and opposing winds that it takes the flame of desire to counteract and override these discouraging factors. Desire is a gift that God places in people because He knows the challenges we will face as we climb the mountains of destiny, purpose, and His ultimate will for our lives. He knew that we would need a force greater than those that we face in order for us to make it to our destined points. Without desire, we will lose the will to fight and forge forward toward the vision He has placed in our hearts. The cool thing is that God uses these opposing forces to strengthen and mold our character so that we properly handle the rewards that our "outrages" and spectacular God-given desires allow us to accomplish. Though it's painful at times, once we we see the fruit of our desire along with all the fulfillment, satisfaction, and responsibility that it brings, we will be so thankful for the character weight training that He puts us through.