If You Try

If You Try

Monday, July 30, 2012

You Need Passion and Discipline To Succeed (The Olympian Factor, Read Time 0:38)

One of my favorite authors, John C. Maxwell, famously quoted "Talent Is Not Enough." He also has a book by the same title. I am beginning to understand the depth of this statement more and more as I pursue my vision with ever increasing intensity. Talent helps you get your foot in the door and even helps others acknowledge what you are good at. But passion and discipline are what will create the momentum that allows you to flourish in your respective lane. Passion is necessary because it is the fuel that drives us to go after something. All the talent in the world won't mean a thing if there is no passion to back it. Discipline is the steering system that keeps us on course while pursuing vision. Discipline causes us to do the necessary things (that we don't necessarily enjoy) that open up the gates to the things that we love to do. Apply passion and discipline to your talent and it will be very hard to not become successful.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Art of Pursuing Your Dream (Read Time: 1:07)

We all have dreams for where we want to be in life and what we want to do. The more mature I become, I am developing a greater focus and determination to see that they become a reality. Life has an interesting way of moving us in a direction that we do not desire to go in if we aren't proactive in charting the correct course. Pursuing a dream is much like an art form. It's as if we all have the ability to create a masterpiece with our lives, we just need the right tools for the job. Here a couple of tools that I use:

1) Utter dependence on God- I realize that the dreams that I have (the real ones at least) are God-given or ordained. There is no way I can wake up to them without his guidance, strength, and inspiration.
2) Dogged Determination- Your dream will not just fall in to your lap (Ask Joseph). It takes a dedicated and steadfast mentality. You will be disappointed on your journey and there will be setbacks. But you must never give up.
3) Write down your dreams and recite them until they become a part of who you are- Don't let life bury your dreams. Keep them before you everyday until you get there.
4) Do at least one thing a day to get closer- Do one thing a day to get you closer to your dream (even if its very small). Just imagine how much closer you would be to realizing your dream if you took 365 steps in a year.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 Painless Ways To Motivate Yourself (Read Time 0:51)

If you are like me, you are extremely motivated when you start a project or some other undertaking, but that motivation begins to wane about 3 weeks after its inception. It is easy to be excited about something new, it is the thrill of the unknown that gets many people's blood pumping. But I'm sure we all know that the true rewards only come when we finish what we start. So how can you stay motivated to keep going until you the finish the job? Here are a couple of methods that I use:

1) Usually when I start a new project I write down all of the benefits associated with completing it. I review this list whenever I feel that my motivation is beginning to dry up.
2) I remind myself of the aspects of my current situation that I am not happy about that completing this project/undertaking will change for the better.
3) I spend some time talking or hanging out with friends that are very motivated. Usually their energy will rub off on me and/or hearing them talk will spark some fresh ideas.

How else can you motivate yourself and what methods do you use? Leave a comment.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

8 Ways To Maintain Your Inspiration (Read Time: 1 minute, 58 seconds)

The drudgery and difficulties of life can sometimes cause us to lose our inspiration. Negative feedback and doubters can cause even the strongest of optimist to give up. But one has to maintain a certain level of inspiration to keep going after what God has placed in their heart. There will never be a shortage of discouragement, but I have found that these actions help me stay motivated and inspired in spite of the challenges that life presents. This is by no means an exhaustive lists, you may think of some things that you can do or that you have seen others practice in order to stay motivated:
1) Prayer And Communication With God- my daily routine of connecting with God is the source of my strength and true inspiration that keeps me going.
2) Inspiration Boards- I have compiled a list of pictures/images that I keep in front of me daily that remind me of what I'm working toward.
3) Making Creative Outlets- I find myself most inspired sometimes when I am creating or after I have created something. Most people lose inspiration when they don't have an outlet or platform to express themselves from. Find somewhere or something that you can use as a creative outlet (i.e. blogging, camera, music, etc.)
4) Read A Lot- not everybody is a reader, but they should be. Reading opens your mind to great thinkers and possibilities that are far beyond what you may think is feasible.
5) Remember Your Successes Of The Past- recount your blessings and accomplishments that you have achieved thus far regularly. Don't dwell there and get stuck in former glory, but review these in order to remind yourself that you are heading in the right direction.
6) Surround Yourself With People Who Are Positive- this goes without saying, but you only go as far as your inner circle. If they place limits on themselves, they will place limits on you. If the sky is the limit for them, they will encourage you to have that view as well.
7) Do One Thing A Day That Gets You Closer To Your Goals- this habit will keep the vision fresh on your mind, give you a sense of progress, and help you to inch toward the finish line (consistency is key in any great endeavor).
8) Remember The Key People Who Depend On You- Look into the eyes of the people who are depending on you for inspiration. Carrying that weight will enable you to see past your own personal dilemmas and see the bigger picture.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Official Video- Tha Mic- All In

Tha Mic just released his newest video for the blazing single, All In, off his forthcoming mixtape "Overcoming Anything" available for free download July 28th, 2012. Overcoming anything features collaborations from artists such as Sharp Skills and Dre Marshall. Check out the hot new visual for "All In" below. Follow Tha Mic on Twitter at @ThaMicCheck.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Art Of Learning How To Trust In God (Read Time 58 Seconds)

Trusting others is difficult, well, probably for most people. It's probably safe to say, that trusting people (who we can see) is hard enough. But trusting someone we cannot see? That can prove quite challenging. God has given me an epiphany of sorts in these past couple of days. He showed me that many people believe that He exists, but do not trust that He is who He says He is. There is a very drastic difference between believing in God and trusting in Him. You cannot trust in Him, without first believing in Him, but you can believe in Him, but not trust Him. God often allows us to go through circumstances and situations that are beyond our control. In these He shows us that we can depend on Him no matter what. He wants to bring you and I to a place where we put absolute trust in His Love for us, no matter what kind of situation (even the outcome) we face. We have to be conscience in our determination to trust in Him until it becomes a natural part of our lives. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen if we make it our resolve everyday.