If You Try

If You Try

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Art of Pursuing Your Dream (Read Time: 1:07)

We all have dreams for where we want to be in life and what we want to do. The more mature I become, I am developing a greater focus and determination to see that they become a reality. Life has an interesting way of moving us in a direction that we do not desire to go in if we aren't proactive in charting the correct course. Pursuing a dream is much like an art form. It's as if we all have the ability to create a masterpiece with our lives, we just need the right tools for the job. Here a couple of tools that I use:

1) Utter dependence on God- I realize that the dreams that I have (the real ones at least) are God-given or ordained. There is no way I can wake up to them without his guidance, strength, and inspiration.
2) Dogged Determination- Your dream will not just fall in to your lap (Ask Joseph). It takes a dedicated and steadfast mentality. You will be disappointed on your journey and there will be setbacks. But you must never give up.
3) Write down your dreams and recite them until they become a part of who you are- Don't let life bury your dreams. Keep them before you everyday until you get there.
4) Do at least one thing a day to get closer- Do one thing a day to get you closer to your dream (even if its very small). Just imagine how much closer you would be to realizing your dream if you took 365 steps in a year.

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