If You Try

If You Try

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Don't Waste Your Life

Even some of the things that we deem most important will not be something we care to mention when we are laying on our death beds. What we will cherish most are the lives that we have improved through the ability to sacrifice the human heart's selfish agenda. Even if we don't get any credit from another human being while we are alive, we will be able to smile as we look at the fruit in others that we have helped cultivate. Being in such a place of peaceful contentment is reward enough. We always need to reevaluate the affections of our heart because we are often led astray, many times unknowingly. The hurt that life and people can cause us makes even the noblest of souls want to retreat into "safe havens" of self pity and selfishness. If we can resist this urge, we can overcome the hollow grandeur of self seeking popularity, the love of money, and shallow appearances. We'll be able to dive into the deeper reality which produces lifelong relationships, significant change, and enduring wealth.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Leap of Faith

There comes a certain time where we have to move from planning to execution. It won't always be under the most ideal circumstances either. That's where faith comes in. In those moments we have to trust that we will be caught once we jump off of the proverbial cliff. No great thing is ever accomplished without some sort of faith pushing a person (or people) to strike out into unfamiliar territory. I am a strong advocate of planning, but too much of it without real action leads to procrastination, and too much procrastination eventually leads to paralysis.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

When you are finally starting to see some progress and make some headway, life has a funny way of reminding you that you aren't completely out of the jungle yet. Paradoxically, we can find ourselves at our best while our circumstances are at their worst. At these moments, we can give up all hope and many do. What I have found is that these points in our lives are pivotal to making a successful transition into the better space we are supposed to occupy. Something small can come along and trip up everything you have labored so long for. This is especially true when exhaustion and mental fatigue set in. It is important to keep fighting while simultaneously doing the work you are called to do. It isn't easy to do both, but it is a prerequisite of success.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Advice on Giving Advice

I am a big believer in listening to wise counsel. I affirm that it is absolutely critical to success. In fact, there is an ancient saying that states "When you wage war, obtain guidance". And another one quips "Many advisers make victory sure". So it is paramount to develop an open ear for outside wisdom. The caveat though is to make sure it is in fact wisdom that we are giving and receiving and not mere opinion. Whenever I find myself giving advice that is highly opinionated, I now try to slow my mouth down because speaking from my own experience can sometimes limit the listener's frame of reference. Everyones circumstances are different even when they have close similarities. We have to take into account that we have different backgrounds, personalities, life experiences, so on and so forth. So it is wise to be cautious in both giving and receiving advice because it can cause a major shift in our thinking, good or bad. And thinking produces actions, which ultimately affects destinies.

Friday, March 21, 2014

In the Lab with Propaganda

Had the chance to kick it in the lab with the super cool Propaganda and my partner xlsrebelsx. Props really embodies the essence of Humble Beast, the label he is signed to. We ate sushi and talked about life and music. Good times.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

What Doesn't Kill You

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." -Friedrich Nietzsche
I've had my fair share of times when I've complained about my struggles, but almost always I am thankful for everything I have gone through when I reflect afterwards. For these have built a level of strength that I would have never known otherwise. Hardship has a way of altering us for the better in a way no other method can. Our trials reveal our true character and help us to get intimately acquainted with who we really are. This is an unmatched place of power once you pass through the fires of life. It makes us prioritize, removes superficiality, and the bull crap that accumulates in our hearts/minds over the course of time. If you are in a struggle now, rest assured it will change for the better. Speak good over your life, your future, and those that you are responsible for. Keep your mind on the right track and head in the direction you know you are supposed to go. These difficulties are not meant to kill you, rather they are meant to bring forth the treasure that is hidden inside of you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Always Get Better

We should be relentless in our pursuit of excellence. Once you set a new bar, raise it even higher the next time. Always have a mind to test your limits. We are born with a great capacity and often times we settle for less than our fullest potential. There should be a continual thirst to sharpen our craft, skills, and gifts. When we use what we have been blessed with, it will expand. If we squander it, we run the risk of losing it.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Adjust Your Methods in Order to Go Further

We have to be willing to change our methods in order to do what we've never done before. Growth is always uncomfortable, but necessary. Staying comfortable is the quickest way to become obsolete. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? More than likely, it's something that you are currently not doing at the moment. Therefore new habits and routines need to be formed that will lead to your desired outcome. Many people talk about what they want to have and do in life but never demonstrate the will, consistency, and courage to step out of familiar territory and do things they may not be very good at initially. That's when perseverance comes into play. What must be developed is new processes and operations for how you go about accomplishing your goals. And this my friend, doesn't happen over night.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Feed Your Fire

Do something everyday to feed your passion. You should always be perfecting your craft in one way or another. We get bored when we just sit on our gifts and the things we truly want to do in life. Don't let busyness totally eradicate your time. Good things happen when we consistently dedicate ourselves to what fires us up in life. You may only be able to give it 15 minutes a day. That 15 minutes will make a world of difference overtime if you stick with it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finish Well

I'm pretty sure that you know that change is inevitable. There will come many points in our lives where positions, assignments, careers, dreams, ambitions, and relationships run their course. We have to make up in our mind to finish well when we are near the end of something. We often throw caution to the wind when we have completed our obligations in certain areas. This mindet will burn bridges that you may need later. It is better to leave things in exceptional order before you exit. Even though we may never come back to those places again, we want to know that we would be welcomed back with open arms if we ever decided to return. That's a huge part of leaving a great legacy.

Monday, March 10, 2014

You're Closer to Your Dream Than You Know

Don't ever throw in the towel on your dreams. As long as you have breath, push toward them and never let them go. They are meant to become reality. The adversity you face is just an indicator of how great your dream is and the impact it will have on those around you. The obstacles are meant to build your character and give you the proper perspective once these dreams are tangible. Every dreamer has it rough. Every visionary will feel like giving up at one point or another. You are not alone, the difference between success and failure is perseverance. That's all. If you can hang in there you will make it.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Don't Play Games

If you have any integrity whatsoever, manipulation (playing the game) is not a sustainable strategy for longevity. Plus, if you play the game in order to get to your destination, you will have to keep playing it in order to stay there. If God has promised you something, trust Him and play according to his rules, not other people. It is tempting not to try and test the waters of insincerity, especially when you see so many around you succeeding (seemingly) in the short term from it. However, you want to be able to both win and look yourself in the mirror when it's all said and done. This takes going about your endeavors the right way, and this is not an easy thing to do in today's social climate.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Be a Trendsetter

To be a trendsetter rather that just a trend follower, you must be willing to be laughed at and seen as "uncool" initially. You even have to have enough confidence in who you are and what you are doing to survive the often lonely terrain of breaking new ground. Every revolutionary idea (along with the visionary) are highly criticized and ridiculed. This is a good thing! It means that you are creating waves and upsetting the status quo. I should caution you though, being a trendsetter is not easy. You will experience very high emotional "highs" and very low emotional "lows." Everyone cannot stomach or function well under these conditions. Therefore, always have something in your life that ancors you when emotions carry you out into deep waters that you have never been in before. Eventually you'll learn how to swim in them and actaully come to enjoy the thrill!

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Don't Let Emotions Get the Best of You

It's important not to give into your emotions wether they be really high or super low. While emotions are a gift and one of the best parts of being human, they can lead us to make some dumb decisions that we will later regret. In many cases, you have to use self control and keep your head. The moments that you are unable to keep your head, get as far away from others as you can and vent to God, who can absorb anything that you throw at Him. I've said before that emotions should serve us, not enslave us. When you learn how not to let emotions get the best of you (good or bad), you build a threshold of character that will serve you well in every area of life.

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