If You Try

If You Try

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sharp Skills- Business Is Good (Official Video)

Sharp Skills Talks New Album, Fatherhood, and Spits Never Heard Before V...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Why The Storms of Life Are Important To Your Growth

Nobody likes to go through hardships in life. I for one would much rather have it easy that put myself through pain, even if it means it will be good for me in the end. The only problem with this aspect of human nature is that if it were left to us, we wouldn't develop the character needed to produce our purpose in life. The truth is we would stay in comfort and be miserable instead of take a few lumps and end up truly happy about the life we lived once we are on our death bed. I'm starting to see why God allows seasons of trouble in my life. I say I want to be great, but I would never put myself through the "training" necessary to get there (if that were even possible). The God ordained storms of life forge fortified character, habits, and purify my soul so that I am strong enough to handle God's big purpose for my life. The same is true for you. So, when you find yourself in the storm of your life, re shift your focus and see it as training that will take you higher in life than you ever dreamed.