If You Try

If You Try

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Living A Life of Maximum Impact

There is a new concept that has been forming in my mind as of late. It is this, what would my life look like if it was smack dab in the middle of my purpose 24/7,365 days of the year. I think about what it would look like if every move that I made was in line with God's perfect will. Think of how powerful a person would be if he/she operated in this reality. I sincerely believe that most people only realize a small percentage of their purpose, just like most folks utilize only 10% of their brain. I'm looking forward to seeing the new movie "Limitless", whcih is about the gentleman who actually taps into 100% of his full brain power. Anyway, I'm getting off subject. The main point I'm trying to drive home is that I desire for my life to have maximum impact. I don't want to look back and realized that I only operated at 50-75% of effectiveness. I want to be so keen on how God is moving that it will pour into every area of my life. I will have maximum impact as a husband, son, brother, friend, minister, business man, musician, employee, and any other role that I find myself in. I desire to be that well polished arrow that is aimed in the correct direction, released at the precise moment, and hits its target dead center. I encourage you to develop this mindset as well.


Stephanie Williams said...

I see that you are not putting any restrictions on yourself. I know its because you know what God is capable of doing. You've definitely impacted a lot of people but I do understand that you want it to go beyond....I love it Sharp Skills!! Keep doing your thing! You have my support!

Sharp-Skills said...

Thanks for the comment and support Steph. I love you much.