If You Try

If You Try

Friday, February 18, 2011

Living At A High Level And Maintaining It

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Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you had a series of great events take place? Perhaps these events put you on a pedestal in the minds of those around you who witnessed them, but then time set in and all of those great events were memories and you looked up and you had nothing to show for it,except the glory of your not so distant pass. I believe that many people that are wired for greatness experience this. They have spurts and glimpses of greatness but they cannot maintain it for extended periods of time for one reason or another. So I started thinking, how does one live at a high level and maintain that position. I've experienced the side of spurts and glimpses of the high level life, now I am ready to transition into the consistent high life. The high level can be defined as operating at your fullest and greatest capacity. This high level of life will differ from person to person, but it is relative. Some key things that I have noticed from those who live at a high level and maintain it is (these are in no particular order):
1) They don't live off past accomplishments and great moments, they continue to move on to the next thing or improve what they already have.
2)They are highly disciplined and focused.
3)They are careful about who they allow into their inner circle. They only keep key people around them that help them become better and help keep them grounded.
4)They pour into other people, they do not hoard their successes, but share them with the village.
5)They have a strong prayer life and a strong relationship with God.
6)They remain teachable and receive continued instruction well.
7)They are very careful about what they watch, read, and entertain their thoughts with.
8)They recognize new opportunities and pursue them.
9)They live a moral lifestyle and are extremely faithful to their spouse (if they are married).
10)Their eyes are not fixed on themselves,but on God and others.

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