If You Try

If You Try

Thursday, February 3, 2011

God Relationships Vs. Good Relationships

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I'm realizing that I must be careful who I hang around these days. The more God reveals his purposes for my life and the more I step into that reality, the more people are drawn to me. With that said, everyone who comes around is not good for me (nor I for them). One of the hardest things to learn (especially if you are a follower of Christ) is to limit your dealings with people who want to be your friend that are not called such. Most everyone likes to be liked (accept of course Shrek and the Grinch) and its hard to turn away people who admire you and enjoy your company. But allowing relationships that are not God appointed (though they may be good people) will drain you and put weights on you as you pursue your purpose. It is an interesting dynamic to consider that even though you may have the same spiritual DNA as another person, you may not share commonalities in purpose.I'm personally getting tired of relationships that leave me confused or distraught on where I stand with people that I haven't even had a disagreement with. Issues like this are a good indicator that show this isn't a God ordained connection. You'll know the people you are joined with because there will be an ease to how you relate and even your disagreements will bring you closer.

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