If You Try

If You Try

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Masculine Soul (Volume 1)

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Before I begin, I should warn all readers that this blog post is highly subjective and is written by an author with a broken heart at this point in time.

It is my personal opinion and heartfelt conviction that we are living in a time where the masculine soul is under vigorous attack in the spiritual realm. I know that's deep. Follow me, over the years we have witnessed the downward spiral of manhood. A huge part of this problem stems from men. We must take a great portion of the blame for why we are losing our identity to street life, crime, prison, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol abuse, infidelity, greed, hatred, etc. We have given up our rights and privileges and position to the enemy and have allowed him to take over our homes, education system, churches, businesses, leisure activities, and government. The good news is, is that if we will wake up from our slumber, we have a great opportunity to change direction and get back on the path we were created for. Men, we must look ourselves in the mirror everyday and examine ourselves to see if we are still connected with our God, families, and communities. We must be brutally honest with ourselves, if we are not, we stand to lose a generation (which we are very close to). We must make the tough decisions that will lead to our healing. Only once we do this can we be reinstated back into our rightful place! Kings, Warriors, and Priests before our God, families, and communities.

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