If You Try

If You Try

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sow Seeds of Greatness

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A wise man said (my pastor) that everything that you hear, watch, and speak is a seed that is being planted in your heart. I've heard the seed principle before but I guess it is just now hitting home. It really tripped me out to think that anything that I watch on TV or the movies and any music I listen to is leaving a deposit in me, good or bad. What's more, the very words that I speak and allow others to speak to me are also seeds being sown in my heart that will one day yield a habit. Now I am more determined to be more cautious about what I allow to enter the gates of my body and to be more proactive about planting the right stuff inside me. They say a person's true character is revealed when either great success or tragedy comes to them. Everything that they have put inside themselves and who they are is revealed in those defining moments. I want to be able to have good things flow out of me when either circumstance reveals itself.

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