If You Try

If You Try

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Empower Others and Increase Your Influence.

The best leaders are those that empower those that follow to become leaders themselves. True leaders want those that follow them to become independent so that the leader is no longer needed by them. Not that the main leader loses his/her value, but they have raised their followers to fly on their own and to teach others to do the same. That is the mark of great leadership. Leadership is not about hoarding power or making others submit to you. It is about casting vision, leading by example, and producing lasting results. A position or title does not make you or I a leader,influence does. Influence must be earned by demonstrating skill,integrity, reliability, and strength in your day to day activities. You must first be granted permission to influence those you seek to influence (even if you've been given a position over them).

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