If You Try

If You Try

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Narrow Your Focus to Achieve Maximum Results

Many people try to be a jack of all trades. The problem with this is that when you are good at several things, it is impossible to be great at any one of them. It is tempting to try to do everything yourself, perhaps you feel more productive when you juggle multiple projects at one time. But your results will be minimal if this pattern persists. To achieve maximum results you must narrow your focus, zero in on your present project, and lock in to what is necessary to do it well. It is better to complete one tasks well and then move onto your other interests once it is complete. Now if you are one of the unfortunate souls, like me, who are not in the position or have the luxury to just concentrate on one task at a time, what you can do is budget your time for the different tasks you are working on. The time that you budget to each task is only for that particular task, you don't concentrate on any other ones during that period. Using this method may cause you to take a little longer in finishing your work, but you will produce better work, which is what your goal is right?

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