If You Try

If You Try

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My feelings about Obama

I have a huge imagination, but there are some things that even I never imagined would happen in my lifetime. And I am talking about the possiblity of having a black president. Senator Obama is to be admired for many other traits besides his ethnicity. He is a visionary, articulate, a man of Christian faith, intelligent, smooth, and confident. Color aside, I would vote for him based on these traits wether he was black or white. But I must say that him being black is a big deal for me and I'm sure for many other young black men across the country. We have been oppressed for so long and treated like we are inferior even after slavery was abolished. People like Obama prove that we are more than the media and mainstream culture has painted us out to be. I thank God that my young eyes have witnessed this time in history, even if Obama doesn't win. Him getting this close shows that we are getting closer to a world that realizes that ALL men are created in God's image. I'm not trying to sway anyone's vote. These are just my thoughts. Take them or leave them.


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