If You Try

If You Try

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Had an interesting conversation about Christian rap...

I had a very interesting conversation about Christian Rap with a good friend of mine yesterday. The whole conversation came about when this young lady who was in the same room as us asked me when I started doing "Christian Rap". I told her that I was not a Christian rapper and my friend seemed confused by my statement. "What do you mean your not a Christian Rapper?" he asked. So I had to break it down for him like this. The reason why I am not a Christian rapper is because my audience does not solely consist of Christians. If I were to take that title it would pigeon hole me into that particular genre demographic and keep me from reaching people outside of it. I asked the young lady what came to her mind when she heard the title "Christian Rapper". She said it sounds like it's going to be some cheesy preacher, rapper guy trying to convert me. Lol. I've heard this response on several occasions.This represents how the outside world views Christian Rap, rather the emcee with that title is weak or not. Now I'm not downing those emcees and rappers who wear this title with pride. It is obvious that you are in your lane and have found a home for your artistry. I think artist like me are a rarity because we have what I like to call convertible flows. I got this term from a business concept known as convertible bonds. These types of bonds can be changed into stocks when they need to be. The same goes for my music. I am able to rock the church as well as the club and with the same songs! I think young people, especially those in the church are happy to be able to show their friends who aren't in church, music that is good and also upholds their beliefs at the same time.

I think many(not all) Christian rappers use God and their higher moral cause as a crutch for thier lack of skills and artistry. I've heard some say I dont care if you think my music is garbage I'm preaching to you. What?! As a musician, I CANNOT UNDERSTAND THIS. The funny thing is that most of these artist who said this were garbage and their music sucked. What's the point of doing music if people don't feel it? You might as well give up music all together and fulfill your true calling which is preaching. I think we in place to much emphasis on titles all toghether. What really matters is the message we deliver to our audience. Jesus often told his disciples to not tell anyone that he was the Son of God. Why did he do this? I think it's because he wanted the Father to reveal it to those he ministered to rather than toot his own horn to make it known that he was God. Jesus was definitely into the element of suprise.

I think that emcees need to get back to the art of just making good music again. Stop trying so hard to prove that you are a Christian Rapper or Secular rapper. Whatever is in your heart will come out in your music and God will use you if you just make yourself available to him. More times than not, he uses us when we don't even know that he is.

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dshin said...

Hey Sharp,

"Whatever is in your heart will come out in your music and God will use you if you just make yourself available to him. More times than not, he uses us when we don't even know that he is."

I hear you on that last part. I love it when He uses us when we don't even know it. That way I really can't brag about it and He really does get the glory.

I, too, am glad that you're doin your thing in both the churches AND the clubs (because I believe you're doin it for the right reason)... and I see how that can throw some people off. I think it's more important to represent Him through our lifestyles and motivation behind our music rather than our titles (i.e. Christian rapper, etc.)