If You Try

If You Try

Friday, October 4, 2013

New Excerpt From My Upcoming Book


The relationship that one has with his or her community is often a key indicator of what impact and legacy he/she will leave behind. Community is a loaded term, but in this book it can be defined as the groups of people that you find yourself interacting with that are not family or people who work for the same employer as you do (business owners and entrepreneurs included). Your community can include your church, organizations that you are a part of, school, the city you live in,your social media outlets, or wherever you interact with a group of people who have a common interest.
A person who lives an accurate life will often ask and reevaluate the reason why they are a part of the community they are in. They seek to better their communities and are proactive about forging strong relationships with and within them. Those on the path of accuracy often rise to become role models and leaders in their communities with or without a title.

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