If You Try

If You Try

Monday, October 28, 2013

Finding Your Second Wind

If we are fortunate to live long enough, we will discover that life is a marathon. If you've ever ran a marathon or know someone who has, you know how important the second wind is. Second winds are crucial because they enable us to finish the race. The race may be starting a successful business, raising kids, cultivating a healthy and happy marriage, beating a sickness, finishing a college education or any number of things that require endurance. Sometimes while we are "running", fatigue will set in and we will be ready to quit from time to time. We may feel as if we don't have what it takes to finish the race. It is important to understand that these feelings are not the end all be all if we can find a way to keep moving. I truly believe it is important to have someone in our lives that will help us keep our focus and keep running until we find the second burst of fuel guaranteed to runners who don't give up. The in between time of being fatigued and waiting for the second wind to arrive can really suck. But we have to develop a mindset that is determined to finish the race and train ourselves, like runners do, to keep running even when our bodies and minds want to quit.



Yes indeed, it's like just before the baby is delivered, a mother says "I can't make it",and there are those who are coaching her saying" just one more push". Her body is saying"give up" but the delivery is too important. It's not really about her but, delivering the baby that is going to bring joy to so many others throughout their lives. Glory to God for using you to be one of those spiritual coaches.

Sharp-Skills said...

Thank you for the encouragement Paula. As I work to encourage others, you have done so for me!