If You Try

If You Try

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Reason why Romantic Relationships become stagnant...

Had an interesting convo with one of my co-workers today. He is single and I'm always jeering single guys about when they will get married (why do us married folk do that?). Anyway, as I was telling him about the joys and pains of marriage, I said something that blew me away (have you ever done that lol). I said the reason why marriages become stagnant (or any relationship for that matter) is because we are always changing, evolving, and growing and we fail to recognize how our spouses(friends, family, etc) are changing too. Many times in marriage and other relationships, we have to find common ground all over again, and again and again. It can be a great adventure, but it takes dedication and intentionality.

Its funny, we can learn a lot and have even better relationships if we (in this case "I") just followed our own advice.

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