If You Try

If You Try

Friday, May 17, 2013

How to Be Accurate and Remain Cutting Edge

To be/remain accurate and cutting edge in life, you have to be willing to sacrifice your reputation sometimes (even though that's no fun). So many folks are living inaccurately and according to the standards of a not so relevant status quo, that when some people come along that are getting it right, people call them crazy (Jesus anyone, see John 10:20). How about this idea... If I said you could have a great life and be financially well off with absolutely NO Debt, you may think I'm crazy right? What If I said you could be cured of cancer and other "incurable" diseases without taking prescription drugs or chemotherapy, by strategically taking vitamins and changing your diet. Crazy man again huh? Well, I'm sad to say that accuracy doesn't always equate to sanity in the majorities eyes until they see proof. Even then, many still will choose to be skeptical. That's when you have to make up your mind to stick to your guns and be true to your God given vision regardless of how others view you.

"That's the path to freedom, didn't say it was smooth..."

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