If You Try

If You Try

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finish What You Start Well

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It's easy to start something. It's hard to finish with just as much passion as you had when the endeavor began though. We get easily bored and are ready to move to the next thing. This is especially true of my generation. Finishing something takes discipline, focus,determination, and will. Sometimes we have to drop the "good" distractions in our lives that keep us from completing the projects we begin. It is important for us to master the art of finishing well because if we don't we will never reach our full potential, nor will we cultivate trust in ourselves and we will have a hard time getting others to believe in us. Stop trying to complete more than one thing at a time if you have trouble completing projects. Hone in on one area to finish by the end of the year and complete large projects one phase at a time. If you are like me and get new ideas very often that make you want to abandon what you are currently working on, just write the new idea down and come back to it later. You will develop more confidence in yourself by finishing one small thing than starting and not completing something huge.

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