If You Try

If You Try

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Develop the Art of Being Vulnerable

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Being vulnerable is something that goes against the fiber of our present day society. I went through my phase of being super guarded due to being hurt and taken advantage of. I didn't realize that closing myself off to people in this way to avoid further heart break would also prevent the good, other people had to offer my life as well. I am not suggesting that you totally let your guard down or intentionally let people take advantage of you. That would be stupid. What I do advise is that you allow people that show themselves to be genuine and good into your life in order to develop relationships with them. Some people get to the point where they try to live life all by themselves in isolation. This has to be one of the most unhealthiest places to be. We were created to live in community with one another. Furthermore, if you plan on doing anything great in life, it will be done through the vehicle of community. You will have to be the judge on whether or not the environment you are in allows you to be vulnerable (it needs to be a place of both physical and emotional safety). Yet don't go through life and not risk opening your life to people. Take the risk and it will make you a richer human being as a result, and that my friends is an element of greatness. Realize that people will let you down, but remember that your happiness should not come from other people, that is something that you gain on your own. The purpose of being vulnerable is allowing others to see the real you so in turn they will be more willing to be the real them.

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