If You Try

If You Try

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lose Yourself to become Great

Skydiving at Sunset...my plan for the next bday yrs to come!! Pictures, Images and Photos

As I continue to mature into adulthood,I notice that many of my peers are in pursuit of greatness, myself included. A lot of us go about it all wrong though, myself included. Greatness does not lie in how much money I have, nor how much influence I am able to flex, nor how many accomplishments I make. Greatness is found in caring about others in such a way that you put the good of others before your own. I don't mean neglect yourself or be weird and feel like you have to save all of humanity at your own expense. It's really simple, let go of your ego sometimes and be willing to serve people. Service comes in many forms. I have recently seen the profound impact of just accepting and letting other people give me advice (which I have a hard time doing). That does wonders for people, just to know that their point of view is valued. Another way of serving is allowing others to lead you even when you feel you are more qualified (or maybe just ready to get out on your own). I'm still figuring out this whole losing yourself in order to be great business. Even though it is painful to swallow my pride,it is so refreshing when I see the impact it has on other people and even to my own peace of mind.I encourage you to find and area that you can stand to lose and sky dive into this practice (let go of yourself). That is where you will find your greatness.

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