If You Try

If You Try

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sharp Skills Dropping New Visual Christmas Day

I wrote the song "If You Try" over three years ago. I wrote it to encourage men who have a dream and feel the pressure to quit on it (or themselves) due to the pressure that life puts on us. If you have a dream in your heart, never give up on it no matter what life throws your way. Your dream or your vision is what keeps you going. It is oxygen to the human soul. I know how hard it is to grind and see minimal results. But all hard work brings a profit. That's in the Bible. So continue to work, trust God, and believe in what He has placed in your heart.
 The song features my mom, Gwendolyn Phillips, who brings that soulful gospel feel to the chorus. What's more, this song is probably my favorite on Anno Rebelio because it also encourages me every time I hear it. If you like the art work, I am printing up some limited addition posters (which I will autograph) and send to 20 people. If you hashtag #IfYouTry and you post yourself doing something inspirational on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you will be entered in the pool for a chance to win the poster. Be sure to tag me so I know you did it.

Here are my pages so you can do that:

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