If You Try

If You Try

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How The Game of Chess Changed My Life

I recently made a trip to my barbershop to get cleaned up and noticed that they had a chess board set up. I always get excited when I see a chess board in certain social circles I'm involved with, because for me it denotes a level of intelligence and sophistication that I admire. I immediately asked who in the shop partakes in the game and it started a lively discussion on the benefits of it. This conversation led me to open up (which I rarely do in this particular environment) and share how I learned how to play the game in the 10th grade and how it shaped much of my decision making thereafter. I became acquainted with the game when I was going through a stage of negative rebellion (nothing at all like the R.E.B.E.L. Movement) and offensive behavior. The more I played chess, the more I begin to reflect on my life decisions and how they would affect me, not only in the present, but in my future as well. This was definitely a game that helped me turn a new and more positive leaf in life. I thank God that He allowed me to discover it and used it as a way to put my feet on a better path.

Random fact: Chess is coined "The Game of Kings"

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