If You Try

If You Try

Monday, June 18, 2012

3 Reasons Why You May Be Afraid To Pursue Your Vision (Read Time: 81 seconds)

Many of us have an innate desire within us to do something significant with our lives. Within that many, there are several of us who have an expectation for what that significance should look like. I will venture to say that this is a vision placed within us. Yet, I have found that the vast majority of people never pursue their vision, or at least never put a decent amount of effort into it. Three reasons come to mind on why you and I may be tempted to not go after the God-given vision within us:

1) Fear of Failure- there is the human tendency to play it safe. A lot of people believe that failure means the end, but the truth is that you only fail when you quit. Mistakes, setbacks, and disappointments are actually very useful teachers depending on our outlook.
2) Criticism- Most people don't like critics or the feeling of their efforts being judged. So to spare ourselves the pain of hearing how great we are not, we stay in the background. The messed up part is that we also begin to criticize others who are bold enough to step out on their vision. Some criticism is very useful depending on the source, and the motives of the ones who give it.
3) No Example to Follow- Chances are that the vision that you have is very unique. True, there is nothing new under the sun, but you may envision a totally different version of what once was. It's scary to try to create something and there is no existing template. But if you act on your vision despite having no clear model, you will be a pioneer and an example to many others who are to follow in your footsteps.

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