If You Try

If You Try

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Harnessing Your Passion To Produce Something Worthwhile (The Steve Jobs Factor)

Would you consider yourself a passionate person? Is there something that fires you up and gets your engine going? Good, this is for you then. Often times we let this valuable passion (or intense desire) go to waste or use it in a destructive manner. Passion can lead to great accomplishment if it is channelled the right way. You can chose to let it be fuel for you creativity or let it just flicker and fizzle out through passionate talk that amounts to nothing. I've learned a huge lesson in harnessing my passion. Don't talk about it, or at least don't let my passion flow out all at once through my speech, especially if the audience probably wont take it and run with it. We often express our passions through conversations, social media, etc. and fail to produce something tangible. Most times, you are losing thunder when you just blab about what you want to do or how strongly you feel about a particular subject (don't get me wrong,I love using social media to convey my thoughts). Take it one step further, write an article or a book, start a peer group, create a product, or whatever else you can think of to show how passionate you are. Don't just talk about it, most people will forget what you say anyway. Make your passion count for something that will last and improve your life and those around you.

"Do you want to sell sugared water forever or do you want to change the world" -Steve Jobs


Natural Perception said...

I totally agree ,i even find myself guilty of this same thing sometime,Ill get an idea and get excited about it and start talking to others around me and just lose steam half the way but i think most of the time Im trying to make sure someone hold me accountable for my Own dreams, which is probably a silly thought. I have had a War with My camera for months now ,of feeling the project in my heart but my passion has been worn down by circumstance, so Im going to close my mouth and make it do what it to..Great Read!!

Sharp-Skills said...

That's so true. It's good to share our dreams with others we know will help us stay on track, but our dream us our dream and we are responsible for it. I am looking forward to seeing what you produce!