If You Try

If You Try

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Identity Theft: Don't Let Others Define You

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Many people find themselves living life according to the way other people feel they should. This leaves us depressed, unfulfilled, dependent, and weak. People will always try to define who you are in order for them to fit you into their little boxes so they can manage you better. It is up to you to paint the internal picture of who you are and stay true to it even when others try to attack and mold your person into something else. Who you are created to be is a lifelong discovery process that belongs to only you and God. There may be a select few who are chosen to embark on the journey with you, but you are the captain of the ship and their affirmation should only be confirmations of who you already know you are. If you let others define you, you are giving up the power of pursuing your own destiny. It is tough not to buy into what family members, friends, bosses, pastors, teachers, spouses, and the media say about you. But you must develop an internal strength that resolves to be all you were made to be regardless of peoples opinions.

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