If You Try

If You Try

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Song Lyrics to Salute!

Song Title: Salute!
Alternative Title: Locked and Loaded
Lyrics written by P. Jacobs, Music produced by S. Phillips
©2009 R.E.B.E.L. FIRM Music Division

I’m so locked and loaded/part of the Son’s rays/too hot to hold it/ R’s in the air/man I rock for soldiers/headed for the top/ how they not gone notice

This the one where my Timberland’s laced up/ born to keep kicking I refuse to stay stuck/I keep a poker face/ man I see through the great bluff/ the enemy mean mug/ I give him the same look/ now’s not the time to be scared of the current/ stand like a man/ my advantage is perfect/ the vision is the prize/ get cash to work with and feed the fam/ but the Lamb I worship/ don’t talk about swag/ man I’m out of this orbit/ I just watch the culture/ sit back and absorb it/ the light of the real is exposing the forfeit/ I been through the pain now I’m teaching the courses/ R.E.B.E.L. Ph. D/ the melody’s 8 keys/ infinity HD/ a felon on great beats/ if that aint enough/ you get the boot/ real R.E.B.E.L.s in the building I tell you to salute/

Salute to my R.E.B.E.L.s that’s on the front line/ going through the pain but still on the grind/ Salute to my soldiers that died in the field/ wouldn’t bow down and declared what’s real/ Salute to my young brothers getting they grades up/ born to be a winner/don’t care what they say huh/ Salute to my young sisters better yet queens/ heads on straight/pursuing they dreams/ Salute!

I spit like it’s my last day living/give it everything that I got remain vicious/flows stay hotter than hotter than suede britches/these rappers fruit flies/ man the game switching/dudes rock skinny jeans/tapered leg/ YG’s in the hood aint afraid of death/ I tell these young cats/man your brain’s the threat/takes more than an AK to gain respect/ the locks and the cell blocks killing us slow/ dizzy with the henny getting plenty of dough/sitting pretty in a Bentley and the philly is rolled/ chain real chilly but aint feeling the hole/ I’m getting my black Moses Isaac Hayes on/black Prada sneaks/and the Oakley shades on/ only thing different/I aint singing the same song/R’s in the air/ the salute will stay strong/

I’m on another level in a different dimension/what the king sees are the things I mention/ spirit of David/ the king aint flinching/I talk reckless/ bring your henchmen/ what up KKK neo Nazis/ hatred in your blood/but you aint gone stop me/say bye to the days where the R.E.B.E.L. was knock kneed\brain is Gretsky/mind frame is hockey/ these kids too soft/ man I’m bringing the hardcore/spit acid rain cut tracks like lawn mower/beating eardrums till they lymph nodes all sore/could do a million songs/still my crowd would want more/ crown still shining/ loving my queens light/ keep the business tight/keep feeding the team right/born to conquer/ I care less what it seems like/ a legend’s on the hook fam/we got the green light

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