If You Try

If You Try

Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Over due...

Man I have been away from this blogging thing for a minute now. Life is so different not being in school and my schedule is way less structured now. For those reading this, I am happy to announce that I just proposed to my girlfriend last Friday at the I.T.M. awards. It's a good feeling when you know that you have found your soulmate. Me and my lady plan on tying the knot on New Years Eve. Honestly I can't wait. I am enjoying this manhood thing. In other news...

Have you ever had one of those nights were your creative ideas wake you up in the middle of the night. Well, I am having one of those nights right now. I tried to lay back down but so many ideas kept pumping thru my head that I had to get up and write something down. I hear this is the time of the day that God really can connect with man. I guess its because there are less distractions this early. I'm not sure but the concept is dope. Alright I'm going to try to get one more hour of sleep, then it's off to the gym for my daily workout. Peace.

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